Marvel VS Capcom 3 Officially Announced!

Instead of releasing a follow to the new “baby” in the VS franchise, Capcom lifts its skirt up on a Marvel VS Capcom 3 announcement, turning heads and dropping jaws across the fighting fan’s game-o-sphere.

I would have liked another TvC game, or at least a VS game with another anime franchise. Who am I to argue though? We may see Capcom address some issues with how MvC turned out, such as the easy-to-exploit combo system, crappy character balance, and lack of multiple endings.

You know, I find this somewhat funny because those issues were addressed already. Capcom even pumped out a fantastic follow up taking those “errors” into consideration, yet it seems like nobody, Capcom included, seems to care. Tatsunoko VS Capcom was an amazing release in the VERSUS franchise. I can proudly say that even though it’s almost a year old, I still enjoy jamming out a few rounds on it daily.

So why no follow up to that game Capcom? It was really fun, had a ton of neat memorable characters, and it introduced some new ones in the process. Sure, it may have been a little niche, but so was MvC 2. You can’t tell me that beating up Venom with a ServeBot isn’t niche at all. I just hope Capcom enjoys capitalizing on the MvC name, while keeping an interest in making more TvC. This is a company that likes to drag whatever they make through the mud, as long as it generates good numbers on budget day. We can hope…

“Hmm, Keiji Inafune always says ‘Megaman! Never throw out any left over material. Our Bonus paychecks count on it!.’ I guess we could use her in a crappy fighting game or something.”

I said, we can hope.

More info, along with another Capcom game announcement, can be read at Waxing Erratic.

H/T – The Waxing Sage (Don’t say anything bad about Bionic Commando while you’re there. He bites… and it hurts)

H/T – LightSpeedAnime – Thanks for sticking up some good TvC reference info


5 Responses to “Marvel VS Capcom 3 Officially Announced!”

  1. How broken will it be this time?

  2. Thanks for the plug!

  3. Let’s hope Capcom can pick a better song than 2’s character select theme. :p

  4. Ha ha ha

    Yes, I totally agree with you. How is the new soundtrack in the PSN/XBLA version?

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