Fairer sex my $%^!! – A lesson in preventative mannerism

Wow… she’s pretty mad. He, uh,… wow.. she’s pretty mad, isn’t she?
Some say this is staged, others (me) cower in fear instinctively. Ether way, this video is a hard lesson in how quickly things can turn sour. Ah, to be young again. At least this doesn’t happen with older folks.



WOW…. She’s really pissed! Like, uber-pissed… Yo!

Dude asks for a drink, and he gets MOAR ASIAN RAGE.

Once again, there is a lesson to be learned here kids…uh, I mean, boys.

Rule 1 – Give the girlfriend a key to the house. Give her free range on the blockbuster account. Hell, even stick her name on the “pizza” file. DO NOT GIVE HER YOUR DAMN PASSWORDS!

Rule 2 – If your dumb and ignored rule 1, don’t piss the woman off before getting your Star Craft II beta key

Rule 3 – If you don’t have a job, and you don’t pay the bills, then you should at least make somewhat of an effort to be in bed with your hot, feisty, and easily “angered” Asian girlfriend. – Hot Asian GirlfriendCrappy PS3 gameHot Asian GirlfriendCrappy PS3 game – See where I’m going with this?

Rule 4 – Don’t ask your woman for a god damn drink when you know she’s about to open a can o’ whoop ass on your PS3. Opening a sentence with “Yo” isn’t winning any favors ether.

Rule 5 – This is the most important rule of them all. The ladies, the sweet, sexy, always devout ladies are MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR VIDEO GAMES! Make them feel special, and try and make your appreciation for them well known. They like that crap. Saves you from having to deal with “Yo, my fooking PS3 yo!?!”, and being the only dork in high school who didn’t get to jam on Star Craft II.

~Ladies, chime in anytime with opinions, advice, and tips on how to avoid a smashy smashy PS3 X5~


5 Responses to “Fairer sex my $%^!! – A lesson in preventative mannerism”

  1. The second girl has crazy crazy eyes.

  2. um, wow. That is one pissed of woman. Of course, at this point I have to channel my friend Wintery Knight and propose that her problem is that she is giving away the milk for free (at least I’m assuming that), hence not inspiring this “stud” to get his life in order 🙂

  3. Woah. You know what? I’d have kicked that woman’s ass! D: She obviously doesn’t know HOW MUCH a PS3 /costs/. Argh. I don’t care if you’re my significant other, if anyone dares do something like this to something I paid a lot of money for?

    There’s something *very* wrong with it.

    …now the Starcraft 2 beta thing? I lol’d. XD

  4. On watching that video again, I’m calling BS on it. Because if you’re a student? (She’s the one that’s the student right? I didn’t catch it clearly) — and you’re the only one paying bills?

    …you don’t get a swank place like that. You just don’t. I work my *ass* off for a place that’s not remotely that nice. Standard apartments, generally, from my experience? Don’t have huge windows in the den like that. That’s usually reserved for a higher class loft or high-rise where you’re expected to have an awesome view.

    She’s probably got rich-ass parents paying for her to live in a fancy-schmancy place, and does not have the CONCEPT of having to work her ass off for something like a PS3.

    Fuck her. Women like that (and I say this *as* a woman) piss me the hell off.

    (Sorry. XD)

    • Yeah, I doubt anyone would smash an expensive PS3 if funds were low. I mean, you could at least sell it for a couple buck, eliminating your boyfriends need to be up late, while paying off a couple bills in the process.

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