Friday’s Girl of Gaming

♫Aww Yeah! It’s Friday – It’s Friday – Huh – Huh – It’s Friday♫

This weekend will probably turn out like the last one – My face buried in my DSiXL, BBQ ablaze, and the slow trickle of fine scotch to keep me “relaxed” till Monday’s ascension. I can’t recall if there were any big releases over the week to waste a weekend on. I suppose like me, the rest of you are ether busy with Final Fantasy 13, or trying their damnedest to avoid it. I doubt I’ll get much time into the game myself. The wife is leaving to England for business late Saturday night, which means I’m booked in for “romance time” for the better part of the weekend. Not that I’m complaining; Romance time always means good eating, relaxing, and opportunities to score brownie points.

The Girl of Gaming this week isn’t as recognizable as Chun Li, but is just as deadly. Garou: Mark of the Wolves fans rejoice, for the sultry blond pirate, Bonne Jenet takes the center stage this week.

~You’re welcome Josh~

…and one for the Waxing Sage – Biggest Mai fan this side of the galaxy.

Have a great weekend Goobs!


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