Crazy Kojima and his Twitter feed.

Kojima’s Twitter feed was on fire last night, divulging behind the scenes info, and developer point-of-view comments concerning the new Metal Gear title.

CO-OP is not very big overseas(friends do not live close enough for Ad-hoc play)so the concept was changed to “Solo Infiltration Action,” something that will not lose to console systems and a packshot illustration hardcore fans will enjoy. After listening to the sales team’s opinions, we formatted a design concept and passed it on to the overseas branches.


The game’s concept is structured in a way that your impression of the packshot will change after completing the game. The impeding danger that looms behind Snake… The Mechs & armed force. They are menacing to MSF, but while playing the game, they can be made part of your unit. You are fighting for peace… but by the time you notice, you are knee deep in militarization. That is the Theme.


Lets talk about the packshot for the Japanese version. This time we developed on the PSP, so we aimed to have a more “cool and hip color tone” to provide for the younger generation. The concept of using the color yellow was to keep the vibes of a war themed game to a minimum. Also to emphasize CO-OPS, we placed 4 soldiers standing on the peace symbol.


The PSP is supported by the younger generation. That is why we avoided the animation of bloodspill. However, “A Scene” that is critical and essential to the series was pointed out by the rating board. No matter how much the game emphasized an anti-war and anti-nuke message didn’t matter at all. In disappointment, that scene was edited for the Japanese version. The European and U.S versions still include this scene though.


The U.S. got a “T” rating. In Japan this would be age 13 or over… 15 years old for Europe. Depending on the country, the rating may be much higher. With that in mind Japan got a “C” for the CERO rating. Hence 15 years of age or older. You may think “this is the same as Europe,” but in reality they are quite different.

It’s interesting to note how the co-op design was talored to cater to Western audiences. He is right, we are very spread out here, and the proximity between each player is much higher than what it would be in Japan. I think I’ve only seen people on a bus playing PSP, and they were just watching movies. There is no hope of setting up a quick on-the-go jam with some random dude (a situation that has me worried for Dragon Quest 9). Seeing the consideration for the younger crowd is neat too. This 26 year old had a hard time wrapping his head around Metal Gear Solid 4’s plot, and I can’t imagine it would be any easier for someone half my age. Still, I suppose Konami is trying to get the kids hooked young, as long time customers are really just long time investments. Ether way, the updates are a neat window into the inner workings of Kojima Productions. Kojima’s Twitter updates always demand my attention, in the hopes I’ll one day see this message:

I just quit Konami, so I don’t have to make Metal Gear anymore. I sued them for the rights to my other stuff, and I’m promptly working on a Zone of the Enders, Snatcher, and Policenauts follow up. Viva la resistance… desu!

You can catch Kojima’s Twitter updates here.


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