Japan is at it again! They tried to fool me this time, but I’ve caught on to their little game. The image below is just plain wrong, albeit kind of humorous depending on the time of day. It shouldn’t be taken seriously, right?



There is now an official bra for men sold in Japan. I’ve heard of Europeans making purses, oh sorry, “bags” for men, but this is just…. WTF Japan?

The article I dug this up from says there seems to be some “controversy” surrounding the bra, but I’m somehow not convinced. In a country where games like this and this and this (I could go on forever) are “alright in the eyes of the common man”, how am I supposed to believe a “bro” is what causes a stir in the land of the raising sun.

This is a totally plausible situation in comedy. The Manzier/The Bro was a damn hilarious episode in Seinfeld. It was funny because it was messed up. It wasn’t something to be taken seriously.

But this is a serious business according the lady making these damn things. Dudes… buying bras…. makes money?

“Hey Phil, how did it go with Tracy last night?”
“Gawd Mike, like, we were getting hot and heavy, but like, Tracy couldn’t even get my bra straps undone. I asked her to take me home. Like, gawd, I even shaved down there pssha”

I wonder what my size would be? Maybe an A? Those were good in school, so why not?

Brace yourself (XD) before hitting the link. I didn’t get the chance to, and I ended up spending far too much time looking into this. You’ve been warned.

H/T – Sodahead

For the sake of casting some happy-happy-joy-joy:


One Response to “Uh… WTF”

  1. Some days I wish Japan would stop (really) being so fucking…not normal.

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