It’s gonna blow! [BA-BOMB!!]

I’m on video game overload right now, specifically with RPGs. I have a sick habit of always starting too many of these games, and then finding my motivation to beat them all but gone by their mid points.

I found out today that I’m already half way through Final Fantasy 13, although I am hard pressed to notice. I mean, I’ve barely accomplished much of anything except for yammering on the X button. Torchlight hasn’t been turned on in over a week (kind of like the wife O_o), with only Front Mission seeing any attention. I guess I could blame my apathy on how good Front mission is, or school, but then I’d be telling a fib.

To be honest I’m just bored on the genre right now. The Japanese RPG just seems so tired of itself, and the sheer length of American RPG titles seems more daunting than it should. I put Demon’s Souls down last month, which is a tell tale sign that I have some issues with RPGs in general. The game is fantastic, to the point, hard, exciting, and very old school. I should have totally enjoyed it, but I just found myself completely disinterested. I know, I have myself to blame here. This is an obvious reaction to overexposure on my part.

I think a few months of arcade type stuff is in order. Perhaps I should pull out the ol’ DC, or maybe get around to finishing New Super Mario Bros.

Lesson to be learned here kids: Don’t do what Justin does – Don’t start too many long, taxing, time demanding games all at once.

I’ve got to broaden my horizons with the next batch of games I jam on.



5 Responses to “It’s gonna blow! [BA-BOMB!!]”

  1. kog3100_edw Says:

    You have run across EXACTLY why I try to ‘start’ only one or two long-ass games at a time, and then pepper the rest of my video game time on pick and play stuff. Typically I’ll have a gigantic racing game open (it’ll be GRID after I finish TXRD2) and then an RPG, action RPG (Muramasa or Bayonetta to find everything) or FPS.

    All the other current games tend to be shooters or light-investment platformers. I’m not saying everyone can be as anal and compartmentalised about it as I am, but I am easily overloaded in the way you describe. When I get new games that won’t fit easily into my ‘schedule’ I look at ’em for a bit and then put them the f**k away.

    I may not be in the mood for a particular game or type of game at any given time, but I rarely suffer from total genre burnout.

    • That is what I try to do, but I’ve obviously screwed myself this time. I usually have a shmup or something to fall back on, but none of my games interest me at the moment. Meah… I’ll just keep treading away at them, or I’ll totally lose interest, and watch the endings on youtube. God I love that website haha.

  2. It really depends of which rpgs are you playing these days. I also think that japan uses a lot of worn out gameplay mechanics and stories, but so does this side of the world. At the end i still find myself having more fun with japanese rpgs, but again, i’m talking about stuff like the megaten games, which have raised the bar in the genre highly.

    Also, nice “Panic” pic, i love that game.

    • I like old Japanese RPG big time. I think I’ve just been playing them for so long though, that I’ve really grown weary of the genre. Stuff I should care about isn’t connecting with me anymore. I think I need to spam out on Street Fighter for a year.

  3. […] and moaning earlier in the week about my over-abundance of current games on the go, has motivated to me crack hard at getting some […]

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