Phantasy Star Universe is Offline

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Sega held a final farewell online tonight, signaling the end of the Universe era in Phantasy Star. The Playstation 2 and PC versions cannot be played online as of tomorrow, with only the 360 version still running.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Phantasy Star fans, as we’ve already gone through the same line of events with Phantasy Star Online. I do wonder though, will Schthack pick up the slack again?

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PSU “improved” (depending who you ask) on PSO by adding a loose fighting engine, and a very deep item crafting feature. The game was kind of ported to the PSP a few years back, and is also available on XLBA (check the demo out!).

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H/T – Sega’s Blog


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  1. […] is, as The Nerd points out, a chance that SCHTHACK might resurrect the PC rev, but it’s a safe bet that your […]

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