No Pain! No Gain!

The last 2 weeks have been hard on me. I was slammed with a bad flu, which rocked me to my core. My entire fitness routine was thrown out the window, and I found myself relegated to the couch for 10+ days – not the best way to keep fit, especially when trying to burn off smoking weight for a wedding.

The Waxing Sage recommend I start taking Zinc, which apparently has amazing flu battling properties. I started pumping 30 mg a day at the beginning of this week, and by last night I felt healthy enough to hit the weights. I cannot rave about Zinc enough!

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Today marked my first day back at the Gym, which had me nervously excited. I know that my time away will make life a little, how do I put this, heavy for the next few weeks. It is as equally frustrating as it is motivating, as I now have a new goal to work towards. I started today off with a back and bicep combination, and after 6 exercises I was totally stiff. Getting what Gym-geeks call the pump, is something I like to attain each time I hit the bricks. It came quick today; much faster than I had wanted it to. Much to my dismay, I had to drop certain exercises down by 20 lbs compared to what I was lifting before I got sick. It became painfully obvious how quickly you can lose what takes so long to build up.

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I had a healthy dosage of the “juice” today too, which really added a kick to my workout. I usually take this stuff 2 weeks on, one week off, and it really seems to help with those few extra reps. I may be coming off like a muscle-head here, but when you lumped on 60lbs from quitting smoking, and you have a wedding coming up, anything, and I mean anything to help lose weight is important. While I burnt out quicker than usual, I am happy that I got back to the gym. Fitness is one of the best things a person can include in their lives. People that spend tons of time playing video games should consider keeping their fitness levels up. It is all too easy to sit day after day, munching chips, and accomplishing little in life.

Time for dinner!


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