New Dead Space prequel in the works

The complex and daunting back story to Dead Space is receiving another expansion, only this time it is in novel form. B. K. Evenson’s latest book, Dead Space: Martyr will expand on the effects of Unitology’s influence on humanity, and the discovery of the infamous Black Marker.

“One of the most compelling storytelling aspects of Dead Space has been the Church of Unitology: its origins, power, and role in Dead Space,” – “Writer B.K. Evenson gets into the terrifying aspects of mob mentality like no other writer today. This isn’t only a great story within the Dead Space universe; it’s a great novel on its own.”

– Eric Raab: Tor Editor

“The Dead Space world is incredibly vast and rich — expanding its fiction into a novel lets us share parts of the story that just can’t fit into videogames,” – “We hope Dead Space: Martyr will be the first of many books to let fans dive deeply into Dead Space’s secrets and immersive lore.”

-Steve Papoutsis: Executive Producer of Dead Space 2.

Most of the upcoming book’s summaries seem familiar, especially when considering the context established in the games. Geophysicist Michael Altma discovers an odd signal, which leads him to discovering a strange artifact. He notices strange behavioral effects on those in close proximity to the artifact (the Black Marker, duh). Series fans should note the last name of the main character, Altma, as it is referenced many times throughout the series. The book apparently takes place 200 years before the events on the USG Ishimura (Dead Space 1), casting the foundations for entire series plot.

I somewhat expect the book to be good, as the author has a pretty impressive resume. He penned an Aliens book, and has also worked in the “video games-books” industry through authorship on a Halo title. Brian Evenson has recently received the ALA/RUSA prize for Best Horror novel award for his book, Last Days. If he is winning awards for penning great horror novels, I think it is safe to say his attention to “Dead Space” detail is exactly what the series first novelization needs. The Dead Space universe is a vast and expanding setting, usually creating more questions in the viewer than answers. I’m all for a novel explanation to how certain transgressions in the series occur, especially if it shines light on why the Black Marker is so important and influential.

Those looking to get into the series should do so by picking up the Wii Dead Space Extraction release. The disk contains a full game, and a 6 part digital comic surrounding preceding events that take place before Dead Space 1. Alternatively, each digital comic is available on XBLA.

The release date for Dead Space: Martyr is set for July. You can preorder the book here –


~and since they are in the business of shamelessly ripping off the “small guy” without a single link, or nod~

H/T – Kotaku (No link provided: I’m ether spiteful, jaded, or just plain lazy)


Note – Gamepro felt the need to inform the gaming populace that the author is a former Mormon. That’s right, you read it here, Gamepro never shies from the hard facts. Especially when they are very, very, very important to the subject matter. Good job Dave Rudden. I only wish I could write in a fine style relative to your glorious example.

H/T – The Waxing Sage


2 Responses to “New Dead Space prequel in the works”

  1. Ugh. Read this on your and ECM’s blog. The enthusiast press is so predictable.

  2. Yeah, it’s too bad. At least there is a good news story underneath it all. Dead Space is good stuff.

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