Is it a monster? No, it’s a giant GUNDAM!!!

Most models can be found in the 1′ – 2′ tall range, and even then that is getting a little big. With Gundam though, there are exceptions to this rule …. big exceptions.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

No, not that big.

While existing on a plain greater than awesome, that statue is just a one-shot deal, and something no one could buy for themselves. I’m talking about a Gundam you, yourself could one day purchase. One so big, so giant, so imposing, that even your kids would be intimidated.

What exactly am I trying to reference here? Are you ready? Ready to have your eyes blown out? Be warned, these will look fake at first, but they are indeed very real.

For your viewing pleasure, I present the BANDAI G-SYSTEM 1/35 EX-S GUNDAM.

Image Hosted by

Looks like any ol’ Gundam, doesn’t it. Nothing striking in particular, right? Then you stand a micro human beside the kit for comparison.

Image Hosted by

Now that’s a big effin Gundam!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The kit pictured above is also for sale and is pre-assembled. If you’ve got the cash, because this auction is going to get expensive, and want to fill half of your living room with a near-life sized Gundam, this is a purchase you need to make.

Head to ebay and drop a bid today!

Note – The seller is an online buddy of mine. I’ve purchased loads of video games from him, and I have never once had any issues. Zeomare is a really nice dude.


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