Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the update

GameSora no Kiseki 3rd Chapter
Song – Jade Corridor
Artist – Hayato Sonoda / 園田隼人, Wataru Ishibashi / 石橋渡, Takahide Murayama

This is a fantastic, and soothing track. One that I hope we all get to familiarize ourselves with soon. The latest Sora no Kiseki musings shed possible light on this happening for us here in North America. Endless History updated today with RPGamer.com highlights on the XSeed localization rumor. Head over to Endless History for more info after listening to the track.

http://www.esterior.net/ – RPGamer tidbit on Sora no Kiseki/Xseed connection

H/T – Wyrdwad for posting the track on ALoY today.


One Response to “Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the update”

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