Is Falcom’s Sora no Kiseki seabound for North America?

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XSeed’s latest Twitter posts have been slightly hinting at a certain game they’ve been working on. Compounding current rumors about Falcom’s possible overseas releases, these tweets, in rhetorical fashion, humorously reflect on the difficulties in translating phrases such as “Spinach Fiend”. While this may seem innocent to the untrained eye, those with knowledge of the Sora no Kiseki games hear alarm bells ringing.

Trying to get monster descriptions to fit into 3 20-character long lines is like writing a very inane haiku…


What the heck kinda nickname for an RPG gang boss is “Spinach Fiend”…? The Japanese have a very strange sense of humor.

The first tweet could be passed off as a normal “wall” when working with Japanese>English text conversion, with the 20 character-per-line count description fitting most, if not all Falcom titles. It is the second tweet that adds fuel to the fire, as there is a specific character in Sora no Kiseki FC that bears the “Spinach Fiend” nickname.

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While this shouldn’t be perceived as “OMG, the game is coming,” it’s still great to at least know someone is possibly working on the series. There is a somewhat high number of games that get worked on, which sadly never see the North American light of day. Speculation aside, I think it is abolutely important for fans to voice their opinions to XSeed (among other translation companies) about them working on titles like Sora no Kiseki. Email, public comments, and Facebook/Twitter posts are great ways to show support for localization, especially in this case.

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H/T – Endless History
H/T – omgfloofy’s comment on ALOY

NOTE – Those of you who have no idea about which game I’m talking about, should really read Kimimi’s article on the series. She can be found at GUG for any follow up questions.

Kimimi’s ArticleHG101

XSeed Facebook
XSeed Twitter


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