Wide Boy – A spotlight on the unseen side of Nintendo…… 64

The Wide Boy 64, to those who have a vested interest, is easily one of the most highly sought after achievements Nintendo had to offer.

No, not that kind of achievement, although for some reason I can stereotypically see most Nintendo fanboys, uh, girls looking like this. In actuality, the Wide Boy 64 did far more than consuming copious amounts of Doritos, and Pepsi. The holy grail of N64 carts did what was already achieved on the Super Nintendo, not once, but twice with the Super Gameboy – It was able to display Gameboy, and Gameboy Color games on a television, but displayed in full, or if you preferred, wide screen (why they didn’t call it the Full Boy is beyond me). This gave developers and journalists the option of creating screen shots for high quality display in magazines. The “system” was never officially released, with only a small number of distributed copies being handed out to industry insiders, naturally leading to high resale prices.

The Waxing Sage, through relevant parties, stumbled across an Ebay auction selling the NES version of the Wide Boy. The $1500 list price was enough to pique his interest in remembering a similar item he had stuffed in boxes, forgotten with MC Hammer’s career, the rest of the 90’s. Mr.I-Own-Every-Piece-Of-Gaming-Hardware-Evah happens to have the N64 version of the Wide Boy, and it is in fantastic condition. Head over to Waxing for a closer look at the pics, and be sure to post comments asking for a live demo of the thing in action.

Click here for Waxing Post – Wideboy’s Big Brother

Disgruntled Gamer Wide Boy 64 Review


On a similar note, I got word today that an unreleased Beta for the N64 title, Dragon Sword 64, was leaked to the public. Announced in 1998 by MGM Interactive (yeah, remember them?), Dragon Sword 64 was supposed to be a Hack ‘n’ Slash title akin with games like Gauntlet Legends 64. Sadly, the near finished game was canceled shortly before its release date, due to MGM Interactive’s lack of faith in the games selling potential. Emu console exploit news has the rom up, as well as additional information on the games background. Be sure to also hit up the thread on Unseen64.net, which has a ton of great screen shots and more info about the game.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Emu Console Exploit News


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