Friday’s Girl of Gaming


No more work, no more school, no more whatever it is you do throughout the week. Here on Scatterbrain, I like to start the weekend off with a bang, and the best way to do that is by gawking, I mean, observing form a wholesome standpoint at some of the best looking ladies in gaming. This week we get to take a fair look at Chun Li, all-Asian-ass-kicker who made it “ok” to pick girls in fighting games. She’s even hot when pouring cereal; A feat only few nice looking ladies can achieve (this includes my wife, who if by some small chance happens to be reading this, needs to know I love her, very ,very much. Especially if she would dress like Chun Li for a day). So tip your hat to the first lady of fighting games, and give her a few spinning star kicks in admiration.

Image Hosted by

Over the course of the weekend, I hope to spend a good amount of time jamming on my new handheld system. Lunar: The Comedy of Errors – COUGH – Silver Star Harmony, finally wore me down last night. The game is half finished, back in its case, and should never be spoken of again. In quick fashion though, I have already found myself knee-deep in fixation with another game: Front Mission. I’ve have the DS version of the game sitting here collecting dust for almost a year. Today however, it has become the first DS title to grace my new, replacement DSiXL (my handheld luck strikes again).

I can’t think of a better way to spend the next 2 days- Sorely lacking any motivation from my current flu, and having a new, nefariously deep, and well produced (yes, you can count that as another shot against Lunar) game to delve into.

To top things off, Summer came out as the victor from last nights frigid onslaught. The snow has all but melted, and that fugly red car is once again visible from my front visage (which I commonly refer to as the viewscreen. See, cuz, my living room is like the bridge on the Enterprise… you know, like Kirk and Spock, or Numbah 1… get it?).


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….and finally
Image Hosted by

Oh, wait, uh, scratch that one from the record. That’s a really bad idea. I mean, who in their right minds would cast her as Chun Li. Ha ha, man, we dodged a bullet there. Sorry for the goof. Here’s one more for the road.

Oh god, is that Jackie Chan? Ok, ok, this next one will be better.

I promise!

I give up, have a great weekend.

H/T – DominiumundiĀ“s Blog for that last shot

H/T – Make sure to head on over to Waxing. He’s got upbeat Santa Maria-ness-ness.


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