Tactics Ogre gets an English translation… honestly

Having trouble making it through Tactics Ogre: The Al Bhed edition? Fear not kiddies, for Aeon Genesis has pumped out a proper English release today, which should be a hell of a lot easier to understand.

It has been suggested that you use BSNES over Zsnes, due to menu display problems, although I haven’t come across any issues on my end.

This game was also re-released for Playstation, which eventually ended up professionally localized in North America. So, if you have a vested interest in each version’s comparable differences, then check out the new job Aeon Genesis did. I’ve read that the Sufami version’s music is apparently better, and the game lacks any sort of loading attributed to 32 bit CD games.

Who knows, maybe with this project out of the way, we’ll see Aeon Genesis finish other titles that don’t already have English versions floating around.

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Romhacking Patch Page

Aeon Genesis Tactics Ogre Page
H/T – The Waxing Sage


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