Got Mass Effect?

Amazon threw an enticing email my way today. Those looking to get into Mass Effect should do so through Amazon, because they are offering the first game for free if it is included with a Mass Effect 2 purchase.

$50 bucks gets you both games, and hours upon hours of space tomfuckery, with a potential for romance and adventure.

For a limited time when you purchase Mass Effect 2, for the Xbox 360, you can get Mass Effect, for the Xbox 360, for free*.

To qualify, place both of the qualifying items, listed below, in your cart. The discount will be reflected during checkout.

Offer valid between 12:01 AM Pacific time April 4, 2010 and 11:59 PM Pacific time April 10, 2010.

Click here to dump both of these titles into your Amazon cart.

The sages at decided to allow shipping of Mass Effect 2 to Canada, but not Mass Effect 1. This means the deal is US only.


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