Mario and Star Fox demos in the Red Zone.

Planet Virtual Boy threw up some awesome footage of would-be first party VB titles. Did you know that there was going to be another Mario game on Virtual Boy? Shocked? Well you should be, but brace yourself, because I’m not done yet. There was apparently a Star Fox being developed for Virtual Boy too: A game that seems like it would have fit nicely on Nintendo’s Ketchup-o-Vision console.

The Star Fox footage is brief, but what little is shown is enough to impress. The Arwing (Or was it Airwing?) moves really fast, and quite fluid. I can only imagine how cool it would have been to see the 3d ship moving towards your face. The Mario game appears to blend in the multiple plane environment from Mario Clash – a no brainier on Nintendo’s part – while appearing to follow up on the gameplay style established in the Gameboy Mario titles.

Star Fox footage hits at about 1:40, and the Mario stuff is around 3:00

H/T: Waxing Erratic and his rose, er, um, I mean red tinted goggles.


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