Shao-Lin’s Road Score Update

I finally found some damn time to sit down with this game today. It’s been a long time since I’ve used my MAME cab – Obviously evident by the thin, yet oddly coarse coating of dust on control board. My hands feel greasy now, and even though my hands are lacking the scent of chewy pizza, I still feel oddly nostalgic. Playing an arcade game on an arcade machine wouldn’t feel right with clean hands.

Unfortunately, time isn’t on my side tonight, which is why I was only able to get two quick runs in. My brain was frantically relegating new found muscle memory to my fingers, while scoping out good spots to kung-pow the badguys from. This strategy surprisingly resulted in a nice first-time score. Kicking my way 2 stages past the initial course was enough to net a score of 153300; more than enough to earn that top spot on the hi-score list.

Image Hosted by

I’m hoping to better that score: A task dependent on finding each board’s “sweet spot”.

***This post is a part of this months score challenge. Information on how to participate can be found on this post, or by signing up to GUG. The Waxing Sage has information about this title up as well.***


2 Responses to “Shao-Lin’s Road Score Update”

  1. Damn thing won’t work with me 😦

  2. Still?

    Hit me up on MSN dude, I’ll try and help you.

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