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Wow, so soon?

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Capcom_Unity, Capcom’s Twitter feed, said something I was really not expecting to see for at least a few weeks:


Super SFIV ships a million units =)

Man… that came out like, what, a week ago? I suppose I should get my copy.

Not everyone is as impressed as I am though:

chevaliear eagle: how about patching final fight double impact, you fucks!

Be sure to catch up on all of Capcom’s amusing proclamations here:

Indeed Capcom… indeed.

Oh… and (sniff) good-bye Chun Li.


Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the credits

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GameMass Effect
Song – M4 (Part 2)

Buy the album!

Friday’s Girl Of Gaming

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It’s Friday people and you know what that means!

GIRL OF GAMING TIME! – Courtesy of the Waxing Sage’s thoughtful appreciation of my love for Mass Effect.

Friday’s Girl of Gaming is short but very, very, very sweet. I can’t decide which of the 2 pictures I like better. Too bad she wasn’t ether Mass 1 or it’s highly improved sequel, although she does kind of look like that new character addition from 2 weeks ago. You know, I can’t really figure out if she’s wearing very tight spandex, or if that is a really well done body paint job. Ether way, I’m sure the lady had some serious itching problems. I’d scratch her ~ Okay, I’ll stop (lol).

This Friday also marks the end of April, meaning I’ve got a ton of stuff to do here. Voting on next months banner selection between Zone of the Enders and Ghost in the Shell is tied, so get on voting, otherwise I may do something dumb like creating a banner with Atari Jaguar crap on it. I need direction people, direction.

The Daily VGM Track for April will be the last one for the month, drawing to a close what I feel is a really great addition to Scatterbrain. Expect a monthly playlist or something in that regard in the new future.

Apart from internet land, which has been oddly slow these past few weeks, my consoles have been collecting some unwanted dust. School, upcoming wedding, and more time at the Gym has kept me from button mashing to my hearts content. I finished with Torchlight, and have since moved on to Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure, which by the way, is an amazing beat-em-up type game hidden under an understandably disliked Dragon Ball skin. Front Mission still kicks all sorts of butt, and has oddly worked semi well with my casual habits lately. I’d also like to get Final Fantasy 13 over and done with – A task that isn’t going as well as I’d hoped it to be. My apathy with the game grows by the hour, even on days when not a single minute of play time has taken place.

I’ve also got some serious comic reading to do over the next few days. I hit the comic shop up, as I do every 3 weeks, and instead of grabbing my monthly subscriptions, I ended up walking out of the store with $40 in Street Fighter material. Batman will have to wait on Chun Li, which, rather ironically, is a nice way to send off using the Chun Li jumping sprite to end my posts. Take a wild guess who I’ll be using for next month.

Right, so let the weekend begin! Get some sun, play some games, hit the town, and stay away from crack; Stuff has a tendency to ruin an otherwise good personality.

Have a great weekend Goobs!

You Tell Em Kid!

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Hell yeah dude!

Even a six year old knows how to put his PSP to better use.

Play games on it, HA! I’d have to work properly for that.

If you haven’t already figured it out, Jimmy Kimmel put a “Man Show” spin on a semi funny news story from last year. Again, Walmart is to blame, along with everything else wrong in Camerixico.

It’s the end of the post…. and you know what that means – Girls Jumping On Trampolines!

From Troll To Carrot

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It’s okay to laugh – I did.

Someone needs to call his agent. I’d sit though another Street Fighter movie if Carrot Top was on the bill.

Wait… scratch that. I said the same thing before seeing Legend of Chun Li and we all know how that piece of crap turned out.

I wonder if Carrot Top was an orphan too?

You Had Me At Mustache

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How is he champion of the ninjas?

Is it the blue cammo?

It’s the damn stache, I know it!

Daily VGM Track – It’s good for the 8bit Dark Knight

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GameBatman (NES)
Song – Streets of Desolation [Stage 1]
Artist – I suppose someone at Sunsoft