The day just keeps getting better! New Metroid Other M Trailer!

Metroid Other M was announced last year, but we haven’t really seen much on how the game is going to play. One fancy trailer has been released, which showcased minimal gameplay footage and spectacular cutscene previews. The games release date in North America is slated for June, which means we are more than overdue for some gameplay vids.

Jason X: Holy shit, man. Did you see that Other M footage?

ECM: the new footage of Other M is insane

Wait, what? New game footage?

Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Hang on guys, I just blew my BBQ dinner all over.

This looks simply amazing! The mixing of both 2d and 3d Metroid game play features has me really excited for Other M’s upcoming release. Make sure to get your preorders in guys, because I’m very interested in some release week community input on this game.

H/T – ECM for getting those sweet vids up, and to Jason X for the very thoughtful message alert.


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