The bigger, the better… I guess?

The Ryu resin cast I ordered from E2046 came in today, and the box was much bigger than I expected. The kit is a 1/6 scale rendition of “Evil Ryu”, and looked easy enough to paint. Ryu doesn’t really have all that much detailing to him as a character, with only 2-3 colors needed to complete the kit. This makes construction of the kit generally simple, which is more than fine in my books (less effort!). I did notice the box was bigger than usual though, especially for the price I paid. I mean, big kits are almost always expensive, and usually entail a ton of detailing and effort. Ryu is a dude in a plain blank ninja suit. Asking for more than $40 for this kit would be a crime. So why was the box so big?

My confusion fueled curiosity got the better of me, and I had to open that box! To my amazement, I found that the kit is almost entirely assembled. Not that I’m complaining, I mean, most of these kits are regularly shipped in 14 pieces. They each need to be prepped, glued, painted, and then assembled properly – A task that is never simple, regardless of what anyone tells you. This thing is in 3 pieces (well, 5 if you want to be a dick, and include the headband), with only the arms needing to be assembled. This, uh, well, rare occurrence makes my job very easy, while adding a new kind of difficulty to the kit’s construction. It is pretty common to find multiple pieces for a kit, because it makes painting easier. By only having to use one, or two colors on a certain piece, you are able to streamline you work without having to mask areas off. Let’s be straight here, I absolutely abhor taping and masking. It takes forever, and it is extremely tedious. I’m unfortunately going to have to do a ton with this kit, because I can’t spray brown for hair while having Ryu’s nice navy blue (or white, I haven’t decided yet) gi in the line of spray.


Bah, the end result is what is most important I guess. I recommend this kit to new hobbyists too, because it doesn’t really entail tons of gluing/pinning, and most of the finer details can be painted with a brush.

You can snag the kit here if you’re interested. There is only one left, so jump on the sale now!

Note: I’d love some input on which colors to use with this kit. I could go with how the picture is done, but I don’t really care for Evil Ryu. Should I go classical, or throw everything out the window by painting Ryu up like Dan?


2 Responses to “The bigger, the better… I guess?”

  1. Looks nice, but I’ve always been more of an Airfix guy myself. And these days I can only really justify such an indulgence by making the kits for my 10 year old brother. Still, I think once you get into the intricate habit of making these things you never lose your affection for them. It’s like smoking, you can try to stop but it’s always there waiting to resurface.

  2. I totally agree with you dude. Modeling is a hobby that took a while to truly grab me. I can’t go one summer without working on various kits now.

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