EGM is back in circulation.

The February 20th, 2009 issue of EGM has been released digitally today, which signals the relaunch of the long running gaming magazine. Falling victim to the UGO takeover of Ziff Davis last year, EGM was canceled right before the release of its 20th anniversary issue.

Thankfully, almost one year ago today, the rights to EGM were reacquired by Steve Harris, the original founder of EGM. The press release for this announcement promised the magazines return to print format, while evolving to meet the expectations of “Gaming Enthusiasts”.

“The re-launch of Electronic Gaming Monthly represents a welcome opportunity to continue delivering quality content to gaming enthusiasts,” said Harris. “I feel honored to once again be associated with this respected magazine. The talented writers and designers who built upon EGM’s original vision have left behind a publication that is uniquely positioned to be successful.”

The vision became a reality today, with the launch of a full website, one free digital magazine, and subscriptions open to the entire world. Harris is offering 12 print issues a year, and 52 digital issues via the main site for $24 (USA). The digital issues almost work like a flash movie, with interactive links, moving pictures, and sound effects. You can view the mags right in your browser, with windowed and full screen modes being very easy to flip through.

Contrary to popular belief, I had no interest in blindly restarting the print version of EGM without regard to the world we now find ourselves in. ~ Ultimately, the opportunity to return to EGM to its previous glory using new technologies was too appealing a challenge to pass up. – Steve Harris

I miss having a good magazine plopped in my mail box each month. I tried Nintendo Power again last year, and it was too biased for me. I love reading my news on the internet, and the circle of buddies I chat with have a better idea about gaming news than most professional sites do. Still, sitting on the john, to the point of losing the feeling in my legs while reading a gaming mag, is a past time I truly miss.

Thanks goes out to Shacknews, who were quick to get the news out about EGM’s vaunted return to print media. The main site is located here, and the free issue can be snagged after a short registration form.


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