Ding dong, the snow is gone! – Good F’in riddence!

The weather here has been great this month. March is usually cold, snowy, somewhat wet, and all around annoying. I’ve been peddling my snow shoveling on the ass-monger next door, while letting the new sun take care of my backyard. Unfortunately, my house faces south, which leaves the area around my BBQ snow ridden until the end of April. Not this year though! Last weekend I dug my shovel out from the snowy heap in my backyard, and started moving winters byproduct from shady areas to warm sun drenched sections by the alley. I came home today to a site every Canadian man needs to see in March.

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Muahahah, my work has paid off! The snow has receded, and I can get to the BBQ once again. I immediately bolted off to the butcher in search for a nice chunk of cow. I put the wife to work quickly as well, having her drench some asparagus in a healthy butter and garlic combination, all while my slabs of awesomeness marinated in a BBQ/beer concoction.

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Thankfully, I’m as smart as you all think I am, and ended up making sure I had enough propane left from last winter to burn off a few meals. The best part about the first BBQ of the year is all the neat stuff you get to burn off the grill. Setting bugs on fire while sipping expensive Scotch is an act all grown men should aspire to experience. It wasn’t long until the meat was all ready, and the sight of slightly bloody steak was more than enough to make a starving post-workout victim salivate.

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The meal was as good as it looked. I savored each bite till the meat had a comparable consistency with a Slurpee (Oh, I could go for one of those right now). I’ve been on a pretty stringent diet of healthy meals, which has been a really enlightening experience. Foods I had been used to eating had obviously been taken for granted, because today’s dinner blew my socks off. So rejoice in the victory over the snow. Get outside, pour a nice drink, spark a cigar (Or bubblegum if you’re one of those guys), and set some meat on fire!


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