Price drop galore!

Still reeling from last weeks Obamacare announcement? Worried about having a little less money thanks to Mr. Taxman? Worry not, for there is always a bright side to every situation. Take Canadians for example; We dumpster dive for all of our good deals. Free cough medicine, and cheap game deals is a great way to pinch pennies, especially when the cash flow is low.

Thankfully, both Sony and Microsoft have a steady stream of good deals running on their online stores currently, with Sony beginning their “Spring Fever” discount program this week. The deals on PSN and XLBA will be changing each week, so keep your eyes peeled here for updates.

Both Everyday Shooter and Gravity Crash take a 50% cut in price, leaving a hard-to-avoid $4.99 price tag.

Gravity Crash is a multi-directional arcade shooter, with an all to common overt 80’s neon setting (A la Geometry Wars). It’s gameplay should be enough to spark interest in Gravitar, and Asteroid fans, with a scathing difficulty begging to be challenged.

Everyday Shooter is, well, just your everyday dual stick shooter I suppose. The game has a fantastic visual style, which is complimented by neat, and fitting soundtrack; A delightful combination which usually causes sensory overload during the first few times the game is turned on.

A bonus avatar item for Playstation’s Home is also included in each deal. Dudes get to dress up like a bee, kind of like the Mexican dude in Simpsons, and Dudettes get to dress up like a Flower (Ha ha, Hippies).

We’ve got two sweet games on sale over the next two weeks on XBLA. Starting March 29 and lasting only a week, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram​ drops to 800 points from 1200, making this a sure sale for anyone with a vested interest in the series. This is a port of the old Dreamcast release, but with HD graphics, online multiplayer, and the advantage of a controller with 2 sticks. Sadly, you can’t use a DC controller on the Xbox 360, which means those of you that spent oodles of cash on the uber-expensive dual stick controller will have to relearn how to play the game. I guess you could slap down $300 bucks on the Hori 360 controller, but that kind of defeats the purpose of saving money (Blame Obamacare, not me). Oh, and some of the robots still have little Sega Saturn/Dreamcast consoles on their backs, which is a pretty cool nod to days gone by.

Then beginning April 5, 360 fans will be able to enjoy a cheap dual stick shooter as well, with the genre staple, Geometry Wars 2 dropping in price by 50%. That’s right kids, for only one simple payment of 400 Microsoft space credits, you to can surf in the neon greatness that is Geometry Wars 2. More colors, more bombs, more points, more visual tomfuckery, and more laughs for the whole family!

NOTE: You do not get a flower suit for you Xbox avatar with these purchases. Microsoft figured those avatar items were kind of shitty, and were best left for loser hippies, cough, I mean people that like Playstation Home.


Well, there aren’t any deals on Wiishop unfortunately, but there is a word to the wise which should be considered. Cave Story just came out for Wiiware this week, which took everyone by surprise (yours truly included). I thought the game was never going to come out, especially when seeing announcement articles in 2008 issues of Nintendo Power. If you’ve got the spare cash on WiiShop, then snag it, but please understand this game is free on PC. Cave Story was/is* an indie title created from the ground up by one dude. Pixel pumped Cave Story out years ago, making this WiiWare release somewhat of a second coming. Someone semi-reputable has already translated, and patched the Japanese version, which means the game should be accessible to any and all English speaking folk. It is personal preference I guess, but remember, we’re dumpster diving! Save your money, and put it to better use, like on Amazon’s listed “sale” price for World of Goo. Wait a minute… you only save a penny by snagging that off Amazon? Ok, ok, don’t buy that, trust me, the game isn’t worth its weight in Wiipoint cards. Instead, slap 900 points down on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

Cave Story can be found here for PC.

*Cave Story was an indie game when the one dude, Pixel, was the only staff member working on the game. Cave Story for Wii was ported by a team, and they did a whole bunch of “upgrading”, which kind of means the title isn’t really “indie” anymore. Kind of like how American Idol is grassroots, but over-produced and creatively repackaged for prime time TV, so that stupid people can feel good about having a voice. Yes, I just compared American Idol to video game philosophy.


3 Responses to “Price drop galore!”

  1. Who the hell uses home?

  2. […] Jumping on my own advice, I snagged some PSN titles that had been put on sale last week. Sony, in their truly wise understanding of what 26 year old men want, sent me a voucher code for some free costumes in Playstation Home. […]

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