Smashy Fifth Birthday PSP!


PSP turns five today!

I’ve gone through five of the damn things, with only ONE working properly out of the box.

Good job Sony, maybe the latter half of Gamegear 2005’s ten year plan works out better for ya.

So no birthday cake for you PSP! Instead we’re going to “celebrate” your birthday by watching someone smash you.

Smash you times 5, while listening to 80’s butt-rock.

God I love America! Keep shooting boys, and get a stiff hammer in there for that disappointing Lunar port too!


One Response to “Smashy Fifth Birthday PSP!”

  1. […] days. As with everything else in my life, the vile hand of irony lead to the discovery of yet another bad handheld. I’ve learned from my past mistakes though, and remembered to purchase the DSiXL from a […]

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