….and the backlog grows!

The Postman and I have a great relationship. He gets to work because of me, and I get neat stuff delivered to my house. Getting games while still in your housecoat is slightly liberating, much in the same manner as walking around the house fully naked, with the blinds fully drawn (A voyeurs dream, I’m sure).

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Star Ocean IV int. version (FINALLY!)
I ordered this way back in November last year. I was able to stick a ton of coupons on the order, which was batched with FF13. I saved a ton of cash, yet sacrificed quick shipping times. I’m still waiting on FF13, which was included in the same order. Go figure….

Yakuza 3 (Anyone want my sealed Japanese copy?)
This badboy is bitter sweet for me. I ended up ordering the Japanese version last year, because Sega was very adamant about this game not hitting our shores. Sega announced the English version literally on the same day I ordered and paid for the Japanese one. Doesn’t matter, it is Yakuza 3, and it is in English!! I highly recommend this series, and those with a vested interest in this 3rd game will be happy to know 1 and 2 are relatively common, and cheap.

Disgaea DS (Free with my Yakuza order)
Yay, Disgaea… I guess? It was free, and I’m not saying no to games. Even if it is for titles I couldn’t really care for.

Mass Effect OST
My devotion to all things Mass Effect is well known, so this purchase shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jack Wall hits his prime here by creating one of the most amazing pieces of modern tech-savy albums this side of the galaxy. The inclusion of the Faunts (Edmonton Indie Band) single, M4 Part II as the credit-roll song was eerily relative to the feel, and general mood the game encapsulates. It was only $10 too, which means that any and all Mass fans should track this album down – NO EXCUSES!

Macross Frontier Malaysian DVD set
I spent the better half of last summer glued to my computer screen because of this show. Fansub groups were pumping episodes of Macross Frontier out like crazy, and it usually took only 2 days from official broadcast time before English savvy copies were making their rounds. I really liked this series of Macross, and was even happier to notice the return to form they injected into the plot. If you have seen the old Macross from the 80’s, then you will definitely recognize what the plot in Macross Frontier entails. I wanted to buy the official Japanese DVD’s, but I’m not willing to fork out $80 for a 2 episode BluRay. There are 25 eps in the series, which means I’d run myself broke (not to mention, I’d have a very pissed off fiancee on my hands). The quality is pretty good too, with only a few obvious QC issues common with mid-Asian DVD titles, ie. Crappy DVD menu, and Engrish subtitle job.

Hopefully the next swag post I have includes FF 13, because I’m getting really impatient waiting for its arrival. I have to say, my passion/excitement/motivation for Final Fantasy XIII is dissipating rather quickly.


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  1. The only image that your little ‘naked’ comment elicited was you wandering the house clothed solely in the ME hoodie–that imagery alone has given me the willpower I need to survive the final 10 days of the fast…and on to the rest of the year.

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