Billy Mitchell adds one more to his “DO NOT INVITE” list

Meet Hank Chien, the new Donkey Kong all time high score leader. Chin surpassed both controversial #1 Billy Mitchell, and underdog Steve Weibe with a score of 1,061,700. He was apparently inspired to take on the high scores from watching the shameful, and highly entertaining documentary, The King of Kong. The movie profiles the rise, and unfortunate fall of small time contender Steve Weibe’s attempt at surpassing Billy Mitchel’s world record score in Donkey Kong. The movie was funny, because this regular Joe ends up pulling the rug out from the (in)famous Twin Galaxies crew, which seemingly did everything in their power to sustain their buddies high score. This included not inviting Steve Weibe to a pizza party, or a “cool guy” dinner sit-down in Billy Mitchel’s restaurant.

Billy wasn’t too happy about what happened during events in the documentary, and was pretty harsh to Steve. I’m actually kind of interested to see how he feels about ol’ Hank breaking his (un)official record*. I mean, Hank saw the movie, was inspired by what he saw, and out of nowhere beats the “big man” on top: Classic.

Unfortunately, Steve isn’t on the “cool guy” list, as is anyone willing to take on Billy’s score, excluding that “I’m a prodigy” ass-wipe lackey that is still working on nailing that “Kill Screen” (See: Howard Stern Youtube Vid). This means that Hank and Steve are free to do as they please, including attending my invite-only pizza party. Give me a call guys, so we can set this up. I got scary movies (Rated R!!!), and my mom says if we’re good, we might get treated to some surprise Dairy Queen.

King of Kong Trailer

Howard Stern Audio Preview: King of Kong

* The guy who approved Billy’s high score entry eventually quit. Apparently, he wasn’t too happy about what went down in the whole affair. Watch King of Kong for more info.


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