Slayers RPG gets an English translation.

Slayers for Super Famicom finally received a complete English patch release this week.

After eight years (to the exact day!) of intense labors by many – some tragic and others triumphant – Matt’s Messy Room and D-D are jointly announcing the penultimate closure of another success story. We are releasing Slayers English on its 8th anniversary – the final day of winter. Except for a few small details planned for our first update, Slayers is finished and 100% compatible with real hardware. Because older emulators do not appear to fully support this game, including the Japanese ROM, we are recommending BSNES as the emulator of choice.

The Slayers English translation project is the culmination of a joint effort between D-D and Matt’s Messy Room.

News like this hits like a breath of fresh air sometimes. Having RPG titles like Demon’s Souls, Mass Effect 2, and Final Fantasy XIII on the go this year, Slayers RPG is just the thing to cleanse the pallet.

You can find the patch here

Release information here

Gamefaqs Walkthrough here


5 Responses to “Slayers RPG gets an English translation.”

  1. Demon’s Souls, Mass Effect 2, and Final Fantasy XIII on the go this year

    Portable Demon’s Souls?! Where?!

  2. “Portable Demon’s Souls?! ”

    Yes, that is exactly what society needs: A reason to whip your PSP across the bus, due to the utter disgust with the games relentless difficulty.

  3. i’ve been hoping for this so long. thank you!!
    keep up the great job!
    x x x

  4. […] to apply the patch, just post a comment here, or sign up to GUG. So there you have it folks, not one, but two great English patch announcements over the last week. Just wait until I blow your socks […]

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