Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii: Very expensive words

This is a memory expansion unit for the Xbox 360 console. It is priced at $109.63, which comes down to $1.82 a Gigabyte.

This 2 GB memory card cost $10. This is priced at about $5 a Gigabyte.

This 1 TB (1000 GB) memory expansion unit (EXT. HDD for you non Arch-Nerd types) was $150. This is priced at about $0.15 a Gigabyte.

I guess you pay for the name brand after all, and to think, as a kid I thought my mom was just trying to be cheap. Buying in bulk obviously helps too, but I still don’t think those first 2 products come off as good purchases. I saw a 500 GB HDD for $88, which is cheaper per/Gb than the $60 360 HDD. In fact, my Terabyte HDD was $40 more expensive than the 360 model, but you got 940 extra Gigabytes.

Anybody want to explain why the words “Wii” and “Xbox 360” seem to be so expensive? I don’t really see any difference between these products, other than brand placement, waste-of-space plastic casings, and a seriously unbalanced pricing scale.


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