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EGM is back in circulation.

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The February 20th, 2009 issue of EGM has been released digitally today, which signals the relaunch of the long running gaming magazine. Falling victim to the UGO takeover of Ziff Davis last year, EGM was canceled right before the release of its 20th anniversary issue.

Thankfully, almost one year ago today, the rights to EGM were reacquired by Steve Harris, the original founder of EGM. The press release for this announcement promised the magazines return to print format, while evolving to meet the expectations of “Gaming Enthusiasts”.

“The re-launch of Electronic Gaming Monthly represents a welcome opportunity to continue delivering quality content to gaming enthusiasts,” said Harris. “I feel honored to once again be associated with this respected magazine. The talented writers and designers who built upon EGM’s original vision have left behind a publication that is uniquely positioned to be successful.”

The vision became a reality today, with the launch of a full website, one free digital magazine, and subscriptions open to the entire world. Harris is offering 12 print issues a year, and 52 digital issues via the main site for $24 (USA). The digital issues almost work like a flash movie, with interactive links, moving pictures, and sound effects. You can view the mags right in your browser, with windowed and full screen modes being very easy to flip through.

Contrary to popular belief, I had no interest in blindly restarting the print version of EGM without regard to the world we now find ourselves in. ~ Ultimately, the opportunity to return to EGM to its previous glory using new technologies was too appealing a challenge to pass up. – Steve Harris

I miss having a good magazine plopped in my mail box each month. I tried Nintendo Power again last year, and it was too biased for me. I love reading my news on the internet, and the circle of buddies I chat with have a better idea about gaming news than most professional sites do. Still, sitting on the john, to the point of losing the feeling in my legs while reading a gaming mag, is a past time I truly miss.

Thanks goes out to Shacknews, who were quick to get the news out about EGM’s vaunted return to print media. The main site is located here, and the free issue can be snagged after a short registration form.


The bigger, the better… I guess?

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The Ryu resin cast I ordered from E2046 came in today, and the box was much bigger than I expected. The kit is a 1/6 scale rendition of “Evil Ryu”, and looked easy enough to paint. Ryu doesn’t really have all that much detailing to him as a character, with only 2-3 colors needed to complete the kit. This makes construction of the kit generally simple, which is more than fine in my books (less effort!). I did notice the box was bigger than usual though, especially for the price I paid. I mean, big kits are almost always expensive, and usually entail a ton of detailing and effort. Ryu is a dude in a plain blank ninja suit. Asking for more than $40 for this kit would be a crime. So why was the box so big?

My confusion fueled curiosity got the better of me, and I had to open that box! To my amazement, I found that the kit is almost entirely assembled. Not that I’m complaining, I mean, most of these kits are regularly shipped in 14 pieces. They each need to be prepped, glued, painted, and then assembled properly – A task that is never simple, regardless of what anyone tells you. This thing is in 3 pieces (well, 5 if you want to be a dick, and include the headband), with only the arms needing to be assembled. This, uh, well, rare occurrence makes my job very easy, while adding a new kind of difficulty to the kit’s construction. It is pretty common to find multiple pieces for a kit, because it makes painting easier. By only having to use one, or two colors on a certain piece, you are able to streamline you work without having to mask areas off. Let’s be straight here, I absolutely abhor taping and masking. It takes forever, and it is extremely tedious. I’m unfortunately going to have to do a ton with this kit, because I can’t spray brown for hair while having Ryu’s nice navy blue (or white, I haven’t decided yet) gi in the line of spray.


Bah, the end result is what is most important I guess. I recommend this kit to new hobbyists too, because it doesn’t really entail tons of gluing/pinning, and most of the finer details can be painted with a brush.

You can snag the kit here if you’re interested. There is only one left, so jump on the sale now!

Note: I’d love some input on which colors to use with this kit. I could go with how the picture is done, but I don’t really care for Evil Ryu. Should I go classical, or throw everything out the window by painting Ryu up like Dan?

The day just keeps getting better! New Metroid Other M Trailer!

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Metroid Other M was announced last year, but we haven’t really seen much on how the game is going to play. One fancy trailer has been released, which showcased minimal gameplay footage and spectacular cutscene previews. The games release date in North America is slated for June, which means we are more than overdue for some gameplay vids.

Jason X: Holy shit, man. Did you see that Other M footage?

ECM: the new footage of Other M is insane

Wait, what? New game footage?

Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Hang on guys, I just blew my BBQ dinner all over.

This looks simply amazing! The mixing of both 2d and 3d Metroid game play features has me really excited for Other M’s upcoming release. Make sure to get your preorders in guys, because I’m very interested in some release week community input on this game.

H/T – ECM for getting those sweet vids up, and to Jason X for the very thoughtful message alert.

Ding dong, the snow is gone! – Good F’in riddence!

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The weather here has been great this month. March is usually cold, snowy, somewhat wet, and all around annoying. I’ve been peddling my snow shoveling on the ass-monger next door, while letting the new sun take care of my backyard. Unfortunately, my house faces south, which leaves the area around my BBQ snow ridden until the end of April. Not this year though! Last weekend I dug my shovel out from the snowy heap in my backyard, and started moving winters byproduct from shady areas to warm sun drenched sections by the alley. I came home today to a site every Canadian man needs to see in March.

Image Hosted by

Muahahah, my work has paid off! The snow has receded, and I can get to the BBQ once again. I immediately bolted off to the butcher in search for a nice chunk of cow. I put the wife to work quickly as well, having her drench some asparagus in a healthy butter and garlic combination, all while my slabs of awesomeness marinated in a BBQ/beer concoction.

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Thankfully, I’m as smart as you all think I am, and ended up making sure I had enough propane left from last winter to burn off a few meals. The best part about the first BBQ of the year is all the neat stuff you get to burn off the grill. Setting bugs on fire while sipping expensive Scotch is an act all grown men should aspire to experience. It wasn’t long until the meat was all ready, and the sight of slightly bloody steak was more than enough to make a starving post-workout victim salivate.

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The meal was as good as it looked. I savored each bite till the meat had a comparable consistency with a Slurpee (Oh, I could go for one of those right now). I’ve been on a pretty stringent diet of healthy meals, which has been a really enlightening experience. Foods I had been used to eating had obviously been taken for granted, because today’s dinner blew my socks off. So rejoice in the victory over the snow. Get outside, pour a nice drink, spark a cigar (Or bubblegum if you’re one of those guys), and set some meat on fire!

Has the moment finally arrived?

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Having a sliced up finger doesn’t really make for lengthy updates. It also means I can’t really mess with my Gundam for the next few days. School is overrated and boring, meaning I’m left with modeling my Mass Effect hoodie for jealous friends and playing video games. Thankfully, the game gods smiled upon me today, and I found a nice brown box in the mail. Could it be what I’ve been longing for? Could this be the day I finally get my copy of Final Fantasy XIII?


Dun Duuuun
Image Hosted by

Dun Dun Duuuun
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

WOOOOOT! It finally came!

Contrary to popular belief, the gleam on the case is not from my flash, but rather the fantastic glow of the games coolness.

Now, lets see if all that waiting was worth it.

Quaaaaaid…..start the reactor!

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When chests explode: Prepare for awesomeness!

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and finally……

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Unicorn Gundam RX-0 MG: Progress Post

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Summer is coming, which always means it is time to put the controller down so I can head outside and work on some model kits. I usually work through 6-7 kits before the season ends, starting off with a practice model to re-hone dormant skills. This year I chose to work on the titanium version of the Unicorn Gundam, which has an OVA series currently in production. This kit doesn’t need to be primed or painted, because it has already has a glossy pre-coat metallic paint applied to each exterior piece; A factory application which makes this kit very simple to construct. It’s a great way to warm up skills that get put away 7 months a year, while sparking interest in the hobby.

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I took my first crack at the model today, and was able to finish the head, torso, and both arms. Unfortunately, construction was halted due to a very stupid, and avoidable mistake on my part. Each piece needs to be cut from a plastic tree, and the left over “nub” needs to be cut off with a razor. Basically my finger wasn’t where it should have been, and I sunk the knife into the tip about 1/4″ deep. A mouthful of blood, tons of Kleenex, and a band-aid/tape combination was just enough to curb the bleeding.

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I’ll give my finger some rest tonight, because I’ll need it healed for tomorrow. I’m planning on fully finishing the model, leaving the tedious task of applying decals for the rest of the week. This model also has 2 forms, which means I’ll be sticking a few photos of both up. Keep your fingers crossed that I keep my fingers attached, and look forward to upcoming updates.

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